Steam Showers with Seat

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Athena WS-131 Steam Shower 53" X 53" X 90"
Athena WS-131 Steam Shower 53" X 53" X 90"
Athena WS-131 Steam Shower 53" X 53" X 90"
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Athena WS-131 Steam Shower 53" X 53" X 90"

Steam Showers with Seat

You are currently viewing our Steam Showers that include or have the option to include a seat for the shower
If you're not finding exactly what you are looking for, take a look at the following filters:

Some of our steam showers come as a steam shower + tub combination which includes jets & loads of other extras! If you are looking for more than just a shower, check out our selection of steam showers + tub combinations

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'All Steam Showers + Tub Combos'

Having a nice view is always an added perk but in our opinion, it's hard to beat a shower view when using rounded glass or showers with neo angles

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'All Rounded Glass & Neo Angle Steam Showers'

 Looking to share some relax time with your special-someone? Check out our collection of 2 person steam showers

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'All 2 Person & Larger Steam Showers'

If relax time means you need the time to yourself, we can understand. Have a look at our personal steam showers.

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'All 1 Person Steam Showers'

We understand not all bathrooms are the same. That's why we've separated out our steam showers based on your needs. It's likely you'll need to get accurate measurements for your steam shower! Use the below links to filter steams showers by the shortest side needed. 

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 Shortest side = 32" - 39" inches

 Shortest side = 42" - 48" inches

 Shortest side = 53" inches & More

For some, size is not a preference but rather the need for the steam shower to fit into the corner. We got you! 

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'All Corner fitting Steam Showers'

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