Golden Design: Shipping & Delivery

Thank you for purchasing Golden Designs Infrared Sauna.


Important information regarding the delivery, assembly, and usage of your sauna.

Your sauna will ship out of our warehouse within the next 2 business days. You will be receiving the tracking information once the sauna leaves our warehouse.

You will be receiving a phone call from the freight carrier to set a delivery day and time 24 to 48 hours prior to delivery. Delivery is normally within a 4 hour window and every effort will be made to ensure any delivery issues (remote areas, long driveways, large and low hanging trees, apartment complex, stairs, etc.) should be addressed with us prior to shipping.

The sauna will be delivered in 1 box for 1-2 person models or multiple boxes for larger units. All boxes will be strapped vertically to a pallet. Our saunas are delivered in a 53ft semi-truck. The single driver will unload the pallet ONLY to your curbside or end of your driveway (unless your order was qualified at the checkout page for in-home delivery & you paid for in-home delivery in advance).

Once the driver has unloaded the pallet, we ask that you immediately inspect the box(s) for any damage. Please indicate any minor scratches, indentations, or scuff marks on the delivery receipt. You do not need to open the boxes to inspect the sauna. Refuse delivery if you should see a large hole anywhere (most likely damage made by freight carrier forklifts).



There are simple guidelines you can follow to increase overall beneficial results from your sauna session. As you become more familiar and comfortable with your infrared sauna, you can adjust the sauna to fit your personal needs.


Always remember to drink plenty of fluids prior to, during, and after your sauna session.

Begin your session by pre heating your sauna to a desired temperature. This can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes depending on the size of your sauna and the ambient (surrounding) temperature. The most common temperatures for beginners will be in the range of 110F to 120F Experiment within this range to find what is comfortable for you.

There area few things you can do to prepare for your sauna session while the sauna is preheating. Taking a warm bath/shower or doing some light physical exercises will prepare your body for your sauna session. These activities will shorten the amount of time it will take for your body to begin perspiring once you enter the sauna. Start with one or two sauna session(s) per week.

Wear as little clothing as possible while in your sauna. Infrared rays have difficulty penetrating clothing. Take at least two towels inside the sauna with you, one to sit on and the other to wipe away perspiration. Adjust the timer to reflect a 15 to 20 minute session. You can gradually increase this time with future sessions. Use your session to relax, meditate, or as a means to escape from everyday stresses. Enjoy the benefits of your infrared sauna as you detox your body through perspiration. Massage areas of the body that ache to relieve sore and tense muscles. Wipe off the excess perspiration to allow for more intense sweating.

After your sauna session is over, turn the power off and sit in the sauna with the door open slightly for 5-10 minutes to let your body cool down. Although the sauna heat emitters are turned off, your body will still continue to perspire. Once your body has cooled down, you can exit the sauna. Wait at least 20 minutes before taking a warm shower to rinse the perspiration from your body.

Exit the sauna immediately if you feel dizzy, sleepy, or any discomfort of any kind.

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Awesome sauna

This is a very nice sauna. Easy to assemble and came a week after ordering. Took me about 3 hours to assemble by myself, with taking numerous breaks. Faster with 2 people. I have set at 125 and perfect for me. I start sweat condensation after about 20 min and then start dripping after about half hour. Color therapy is very nice. I would definitely recommend this sauna.


This shower took a long time to get. But what can you expect from Covid. Right? This showers installation schematics suck at best but I had put one together similar to this before so I at least had a clue. I wish the drain hose was more flexible. What a pain it was. There are 2 videos on You-tube that can help. We got it altogether and wished the door opening was a little bigger. But still acceptable. Love the color and electronics. Steam generator is phenomenal. All in all, I would buy another. Please work on installation instructions. They still need improvement.


Just what we needed, and more. The tub is beautiful and sturdy, and the time we spend in it is so calming. I wanted to upload a video of the tub with the lights on, but the option was greyed out.

Birthday gift

I bought this as a birthday present for my wife and she loves it. Works great.

Great Sauna

I ordered this for my wife for Christmas. We have been paying for packages at a local spa that closed due to COVID. Got this for a great price. My wife and I assembled in about 30 minutes. Super easy! Everything went as directed. I had one small shipping issue. The door stop was pushed in by the glass. I was able to put in a few finish nails to tack in place. Positive it was a shipping thing. Bottom line is this sauna looks and works great fits in a small spot. She loves it!