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Dynamic Vittoria 2 Person Sauna

I have to say I have been impressed from the day I hit the order button. Great follow up and customer service. this company's shipping process is the best. Every step was noted and documented. Shipping company called me 3 days before and then an hour before delivery. It arrived in perfect condition and the set up was easy and accompanied by online videos provided automatically. The sauna works perfect and heats up beyond what was advertised. If you can, buy one now!!

Perfect Fit

As advertised! The sauna arrived early, was super easy to put together, and warms up to 145° fairly quick. Happy!

Love it!!

The sauna was delivered about a month after it was ordered due to being on back order. No issues with delivery and product was not damaged at all. We did take apart the packaging in the garage and carried it piece by piece to basement. Some pieces were much heavier then others. Assembly was pretty easy, instructions were well written. Assembly took approximately an hour, 2 people minimum are needed. One of them will be needed to lift the side panels with ease. Sauna was able to be moved across the floor into the desired area pretty easily. We have had this set up for a week and love it. I would recommend getting the back rests. Also, this is not really practical for 2 people unless the are both very small. Max heat reaches has been 147°


We truly couldn’t be happier with the quality of this sauna and it was so much easier to assemble than we expected. It takes about 45 min to reach 145 degrees. Sound quality is great on Bluetooth speaker. You need this sauna in your life!!

Love it!

Find Your Bath was very helpful and kept me well informed as I awaited shipment. When we received our sauna, my wife and I were able to assemble it in less than an hour. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. We've been using it regularly and really enjoying the soothing heat, especially during the recent cold weather. It's the perfect addition to our basement remodel. Overall, we're extremely happy with our new sauna. I did a lot of research, and FYB offered the best pricing and followed up with great service. Thank you, we love our sauna!

Good Product and customer service

After receiving our sauna, the packages were in good shape, The transport driver and I opened the boxes and did not find any defects. However, when sorting parts, I discovered the ceiling panel had a piece of wood separated (broken). The separated piece was only cosmetic damage and did not affect the performance of the sauna. I contacted customer service and they rapidly responded to resolve the issue.
The assembly was simple and quick. We have used the sauna multiple times without any issues.
Even with the damaged ceiling panel, I recommend this product. The sauna works as advertised and customer service has a rapid response to resolve any issues.

Classy, Elegant, Relaxing

We love our sauna. Perfect for the two of us to enjoy at the same time. Looks nice in the home. We feel great after each use. We use it at 140 degrees for detox.

Love our Sauna

Excellent service and quality.
Arrived earlier than expected
This is not our first Sauna. We love the Hemlock Wood. Very easy to install. The videos were great as well

Perfect job!!

All of the parts were really packed well. It took awhile to uncrate everything but it was all well protected. Nothing was missing and the help line was there if we needed it. Really pleased with the unit. Steam, whirlpool, accupuncture jets, are all working correctly. Couldn't be happier!!

Dream Tub

I have been wanting this jacuzzi/shower setup for quite some time. Upon arriving, packaging for shipping was amazing! Very secure and packaged so no damage could be done. Once we tried to put the shower together, we noticed there were no real instructions. Thankfully the installation phone number to call for questions was very helpful. Also for the price, I feel many parts on this unit are very cheap.

home onwner

I cant really give u a review on the tub as of yet due to it not being installed . But i will say that i was dissapointed to come home to find the delivery people has left it outside in the rain. Once i get it installed i will leave you a proper review on the product. please understand that the 1 star is for the delivery , not the tub . THanks

Hi Timothy,

We apologize on behalf of the delivery company. This is not the practices we agreed upon with the shipping company upon sending the item to you. Please note Find Your Bath does not own nor control the shipping company and the shipping company act as a 3rd party logistics company. We'll be reaching out to the shipping company directly to find out why this happened and filing a complaint on your behalf.

Sorry this happened to you,
Find Your Bath

Wonderful steam!

I love everything about this two person sauna. I have used it almost every day since receiving it. Assembly was easy with two people. It took about 1.5 hours. The steam gets very hot. I typically use two buckets of water in 30 minutes so do be afraid to put the water on for hotter steam. Perfect for what I wanted. Great product all the way around.

Should've bought it sooner

I would like to say I received my Golden Design Barcelona in 4 business days. Third party delivery was awesome. Item came in a pallet, wrapped properly. It was curbside delivery so I had to take it piece by piece inside my condominium. It took me 10mins to unpack and 20mins to build. I didn't read the instructions on how to put together. It was easy and I only used a power drill to put it together. It got to 130 degree in about 25 mins. I got it up to 150 but i was sweating already in the 130 degree. Speakers are great. Bluetooth works great. I did however added 1/4" window foam strip around the glass doors to maximize the efficiency. I did also test the EMF with my EMF tester and got no reading, thought my EMF was broken but I tested it on my running microwave and my tester was going crazy. Its really made for average adult. Im 5' 8', 180lbs. It may fit two small adults. Overall I should've bought this sooner and Im happy.

Great Value, Craftsmanship, Shipping... I should've bought years ago!!!

Great product. Fair Price. Honest Shipping. Easy assembly. The Heat, Oh God the therapeutic Heat. I waited too long. I also bought a Tanning Canopy, DAMN, screw COVID! My Home is my SPA. Carry-on, carry-on...

Received my steam shower yesterday... won’t be installed for about a month... I will review then.

Hi, Reneé.

It's been a month since you sent us this message. Has your steam shower been installed? Have you used it? How do you like it so far?

We would be glad to hear from you.


Golden Design Sauna: Dynamic San Marino 2-person Far Infrared Sauna

The sauna was so easy to put together. With me reading the directions my husband and two of my sons put it together in 30 minutes. It is so nice that I plan to buy my steam shower and whirlpool bathtub from Find Your Bath as we do renovation to our house. I love this sauna. Turn it on and give it 20-30 minutes to warm up then enjoy the heat.

Super Sauna

After looking at many saunas, I decided to go with the Versailles. The packaging was excellent and the driver put the pallet right in the garage, when it was delivered. It took me about 1.5 hrs to uncrate and assemble with a little help from my wife to hold the first two pieces. I love the smell of the fresh cut Hemlock inside and with the colored lights alternating through every color, just makes the experience super relaxing while listening to my favorite music. I’m actually building a back rest from all the plywood in the packaging. It was well worth the investment.

Easy to setup

My wife and I were able to unpack and assemble our sauna in about three hours. I spent more time putting a dedicated circuit in the day before! We're enjoying a good routine already. Realistically, two is a crowd - no man spread here. But it fits right into our shower and exercise routine.


Just exactly what I wanted! The customer service when I was purchasing excellent and the unit went together easily. I love it! I'm so glad I got the three person because I can lay down in it and I can stretch inside of it which makes the time go by fast. I love the Bluetooth and the chromotherapy lighting. Thank you!

Got a great deal!

Find Your Bath provided excellent customer service and assisted me with getting the best price by price matching with another deal I found. They are very responsive to inquiries and very pleasant to work with. The Sauna itself was not complicated to put together and it smells wonderful. The instructions could use a little work, but it’s not that hard to figure out. We did have an issue with the control panel, but the Sunray customer service was also very pleasant to work with and they fixed the issue immediately. They are as well, very responsive. This is a very nice Sauna and I’m very pleased with Find Your Bath and Sunray. Thank you.


This was the best purchase of my life. Find your Bath was so easy to work with and the Sauna is Awesome. I was worried about delivery and the set up but that went well also. It was delivered in about 10 days from the placed order and set up took my Wife and I about 2 hours total. I could not be more pleased with it so far. The highest temp we have gotten it to reach so far is 144 degrees, but that is perfect for us.

Great service and product

Worked with on line team to find the right Sauna for us. Delivered later that same week and easy for the two of us to assemble. Took a sauna that afternoon! Very pleased that we found Find you bath for our sauna purchase.

Love me Golden Design sauna

I researched for a long time before buying a Golden Design sauna through Brian at Find Your Bath. I broke a piece while putting the sauna together. Brian helped by contacting the manufacturer and speaking to me. Karla, at Golden Design was great and agreed to replace the part at no cost to me. They were also willing to take my suggestion as to how to prevent the incident in future. Both Golden Design and Find Your Bath a wonderful businesses with a good product, great price and professional easy customer service.

Excellent Sauna

This sauna was very well packaged, absolutely no damage or scratches. For sure need 2 people to assemble, but not difficult. It heats up quickly, in 15 minutes and keeps a steady temperature, the heat is uniform within the sauna. Very impressed with the excellent quality. I’ve used it every day for the past week, and I’m very pleased with this purchase. I have a similar sauna by a different manufacturer, purchased for about the same price as this one, but it isn’t nearly as good as the Golden Designs unit. So far so good.