Bio Bidet

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Bio Bidet Bidet Toilet Seat w/ Heated Seat A7 Aura


$299.00 $999.00
Bio Bidet Luxury Toilet Bidet Combo IB-835


$2,299.00 $3,699.00
Bio Bidet Bidet Toilet Seat w/ Heated Seat DIB-850


$699.00 $1,400.00
For new shoppers, picking the right type can be overwhelming enough, let alone picking the right brand. Bio Bidet prides themselves on being the number one retailer of bidets in North America because they are truly passionate about bidets. They believe in what they do and understand the benefits for the user and the environment.

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The primary reason why Bio Bidet excels in the market place is because they have designed a wide variety of products to suit the need of any individual user or household. They recognize that each bidet user is unique and thus should have a design that caters to their individual needs.

Bio Bidet also has several features all their own that they’ve patented such as their 3-in-1 nozzle which promises a powerful and satisfying clean. They’ve also designed their very own water heating technology which is often acclaimed the best on the market. Their ability to keep innovating simply puts them steps ahead of the market for bidets.

As you might imagine, Bio Bidet stand strong behind their products and they all come with a rock-solid warranty. They’ve created their business with the ability to focus their attention on individual customers and their concerns (although rare).

As authorized dealers for Bio Bidet, we’re here to bring you their great products at the lowest possible price, with no sales tax, and unforgettable customer service.