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Mesa WS-608P Steam Shower Tub Combo - 63" x 63" x 85" Blue Glass

Steam Shower

$2,890.00 $4,335.00
Mesa 701A Steam Shower Tub Combo 66"L x 66"W x 87"H - Blue Glass

Steam Shower

$2,990.00 $4,485.00
Mesa WS-608A Steam Shower Jetted Tub Combination 63" x 63" x 85"

Steam Shower

$2,790.00 $4,185.00
Mesa 702A Steam Shower Tub Combo - 61" x 61" x 89"

Steam Shower

$2,850.00 $4,275.00
Mesa WS-600P Steam Shower Tub Combo - 55" x 55" x 87"

Steam Shower

$2,749.00 $4,124.00
Maya Bath Valencia Steam Shower Tub Combo w/ TV 64" x 64" x 88"

Steam Shower

$4,995.00 $8,095.00
Mesa WS-600A Steam Shower Tub Combo 55"L x 55"W x 87"H

Steam Shower

$2,690.00 $4,035.00
Maya Bath Comfort Steam Shower Tub Combo 59" x 59" x 90"

Steam Shower

$6,995.00 $11,950.00
Athena WS-122 Steam Shower 59"L x 59"W x 89"H

Steam Shower

$4,990.00 $7,485.00
Athena WS-131 Steam Shower 53" X 53" X 90"

Steam Shower

$4,890.00 $7,335.00

Steam Showers
Shortest side: 53" & More

You are currently viewing our Steam Showers with the shortest side being 53" inches and up. 
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Some of our steam showers come as a steam shower + tub combination which includes jets & loads of other extras! If you are looking for more than just a shower, check out our selection of steam showers + tub combinations

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Having a nice view is always an added perk but in our opinion, it's hard to beat a shower view when using rounded glass or showers with neo angles

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Looking to share some relax time with your special-someone? Check out our collection of 2 person steam showers

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 We understand not all bathrooms are the same. That's why we've separated out our steam showers based on your needs. It's likely you'll need to get accurate measurements for your steam shower! Use the below links to filter steams showers by the shortest side needed. 

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 Shortest side = 32" - 39" inches

 Shortest side = 42" - 48" inches

For some, size is not a preference but rather the need for the steam shower to fit into the corner. We got you! 

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SunRay 4 person Sauna

love it, gets to 135 quickly. was able to put it together in les than 2 hours. had 1 piece that was broken during shipping and a new piece was sent in less than one week.

Should've bought it sooner

I would like to say I received my Golden Design Barcelona in 4 business days. Third party delivery was awesome. Item came in a pallet, wrapped properly. It was curbside delivery so I had to take it piece by piece inside my condominium. It took me 10mins to unpack and 20mins to build. I didn't read the instructions on how to put together. It was easy and I only used a power drill to put it together. It got to 130 degree in about 25 mins. I got it up to 150 but i was sweating already in the 130 degree. Speakers are great. Bluetooth works great. I did however added 1/4" window foam strip around the glass doors to maximize the efficiency. I did also test the EMF with my EMF tester and got no reading, thought my EMF was broken but I tested it on my running microwave and my tester was going crazy. Its really made for average adult. Im 5' 8', 180lbs. It may fit two small adults. Overall I should've bought this sooner and Im happy.


Have used it for 5 straight days now and just love it.

Super Sauna!

The pictures don't lie -- this is exactly what I expected, and it's just a very nice unit. A few things to keep in mind:

1) Liftgate delivery -- be prepared to move a 400-pound plastic-shrink-wrapped boxes from the truck to your house. They give you the pallet with the shipment, which probably adds another 30 pounds. My hand truck was barely able to move it.

2) Our sauna is upstairs, and moving the glass door was a doozy. It's heavy -- probably around 120 pounds, so a handful for two grown adults. The rest of the parts are easy to move, but the door is hefty.

3) The room where the sauna sits isn't the best insulated in the house, so it's around 65 degrees in winter. It takes 20 minutes for the sauna to come to 100 degrees; half an hour to come to 115. 40 minutes later, it rises to 120, and that's pretty much where it tops out. So if you are going to install this in a cold-ish area, keep that in mind.

Great Value, Craftsmanship, Shipping... I should've bought years ago!!!

Great product. Fair Price. Honest Shipping. Easy assembly. The Heat, Oh God the therapeutic Heat. I waited too long. I also bought a Tanning Canopy, DAMN, screw COVID! My Home is my SPA. Carry-on, carry-on...