Steam Showers 53" & More

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Mesa WS-608P Steam Shower Tub Combo - 63" x 63" x 85" Blue Glass

Steam Shower

$3,190.00 $4,785.00
Mesa WS-608A Steam Shower Jetted Tub Combination 63" x 63" x 85"

Steam Shower

$3,090.00 $4,635.00
Mesa 701A Steam Shower Tub Combo 66"L x 66"W x 87"H - Blue Glass

Steam Shower

$3,290.00 $4,935.00
Maya Bath Superior Steam Shower Tub Combo w/ TV - 64" x 64" x 88 inches

Steam Shower

Starting at $6,499.00 $9,599.00
Mesa 702A Steam Shower Tub Combo - 61" x 61" x 89"

Steam Shower

$3,150.00 $4,725.00
Mesa WS-600P Steam Shower Tub Combo - 55" x 55" x 87"

Steam Shower

$3,049.00 $4,574.00
Mesa WS-600A Steam Shower Tub Combo 55"L x 55"W x 87"H

Steam Shower

$2,990.00 $4,485.00
Athena WS-122 Steam Shower 59"L x 59"W x 89"H

Steam Shower

$5,190.00 $7,785.00
Athena WS-131 Steam Shower 53" X 53" X 90"

Steam Shower

$5,190.00 $7,785.00

Steam Showers
Shortest side: 53" & More

You are currently viewing our Steam Showers with the shortest side being 53" inches and up. 
If you're not finding exactly what you are looking for, take a look at the following filters:

If you are looking to see our entire catalog of steam showers, we offer brands like Mesa, Athena & more. 

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Some of our steam showers come as a steam shower + tub combination which includes jets & loads of other extras! If you are looking for more than just a shower, check out our selection of steam showers + tub combinations

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Having a nice view is always an added perk but in our opinion, it's hard to beat a shower view when using rounded glass or showers with neo angles

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'All Rounded Glass & Neo Angle Steam Showers'

Looking to share some relax time with your special-someone? Check out our collection of 2 person steam showers

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If relax time means you need the time to yourself, we can understand. Have a look at our personal steam showers.

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 We understand not all bathrooms are the same. That's why we've separated out our steam showers based on your needs. It's likely you'll need to get accurate measurements for your steam shower! Use the below links to filter steams showers by the shortest side needed. 

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 Shortest side = 32" - 39" inches

 Shortest side = 42" - 48" inches

For some, size is not a preference but rather the need for the steam shower to fit into the corner. We got you! 

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'All Corner fitting Steam Showers'

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Great sauna!!

Very simple to put together. It took me and my wife about an hour! Looks great! Gets really warm and the sound system is top notch! Very surprised on how great this sauna turned out!

You should buy it

EMF? I don’t know. Go live in fear somewhere else. It heats up and makes me sweat like I ran 3 miles in plastics. Excellent value.

Nice unit

I install this steam unit my self, I’m a home builder and very capable to handle a project like this, it took eight hours that does my include unpacking the unit. I advise anyone trying to do this them selves is to look up the steam shower you bought on the internet and find instructions “video with no words “on how to assemble your unit. The instructions that come with the unit is not very informative. If your a novice you might consider hiring someone qualified. Now that my unit is in operation I really in joy it. Good purchase and product for the money.

Outstanding Service

Purchased a Barcelona Sauna from Find Your Bath and found their service to be exceptional! I was able to easily track the shipping of the item. All arrived safely and I was able to assemble the item in less than an hour, by myself. Online video was a help. I had one minor item, a clip, that needed to be replaced and the company’s representatives responded immediately!! They are a great company to do business with, and I have no reservations recommending them. I’m confident your experience will be as enjoyable as mine.