Determining Steam Generator Size

The size of the generator you'll need will depend on the size of the area in which you instead to use. A couple of important notes worth mentioning before hand:

  • We do not recommend a ceiling height exceeding 10 feet. Lowering ceiling height to 8 feet helps create a more efficient steam room.
  • For every foot of ceiling height over 8 feet, use the next larger steam generator. (up to 10 ft.) All interior wall material is irrelevant.


How To Determine The Right Steam Generator Size

 Example of the different generator sizes

ThermaSol Pro Series Generator Size Options





  • Simple Sizing Formula: L x W x H = Cubic ft
  • Don't forget this number, you'll need it later


    • Based on the Simple Sizing Formula (L x W x H = Cubic ft.), select a steam generator.
    • Note: Generators can be placed up to 50 feet from the shower; in an attic, closet or below a sink are ideal locations.



    Commercial Steam Generators

    If you are purchasing a steam generator and intend to use it for commercial use, please refer to the button below for steam generators that are certified for commercial use.