Freight Shipping Details & Process

What is Freight Shipping?

For an order to qualify for freight shipping, it must be more than 150 pounds and means the item you order requires shipping via a semi-truck.
As you likely know, semi-trucks are quite large which sometimes restricts where they can (
or are willing) to deliver.

If your...

Delivery Address

... is in a particularly rural area, has a rather long driveway,
or if there may be other factors that may make the delivery process challenging...

please let us know as soon as possible so we can confirm your order can be delivered to the address you provided.

Curbside Deliver

Industry standards for freight shipping includes curbside deliverySome customers have reported drivers bringing the items to their doorstep or garage but this is not guaranteed and we advise you don't count on it. For those who may be elderly or disabled, please plan in advance.

Scheduling Delivery Appointment

🚚  Shipping company 
📞 will be calling... 
→ YOU ←

⚠️ If the number you provided is not the best phone number to reach you, please email us with the best phone number you can be reached at.



If my delivery driver is unwilling or unable to place my order any further than curbside, how should I move it to a secure area?

Your order will be delivered on a pallet.

Most of our customers are able to move their items to a secure location without any additional tools although having a few extra hands on site is not a bad idea. If that's not an option for you, a simple solution would be to use a pallet jack. It's not uncommon for places like Home Depot to rent out pallet jacks. 

Can I upgrade my delivery to something other than curbside?

If it wasn't clearly offered at checkout, then we can't change the delivery type for the type of product you purchased. We've actually tried this in the past and it didn't work well for any party involved due to a lack of consistency with the delivery company's ability to offer upgraded services and other variables at play. Additionally, the cost was so great it typically made more sense financially to find friends/family or hire someone for a few hours. Please note for the products we offer, curbside delivery is the industry standard. If you know a company selling the same products and offering something more than curbside, please inform our team as we always want to provide our customers with the best option available. 

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