What Is Live Rate Shipping & Why Offer It?

Why offer live rate shipping?

Find Your Bath sometimes uses live rate shipping and when it's applied, it's generally for larger products that greatly fluctuate is shipping cost. For example, a large item shipped from California to New York may cost $800; But if shipped to Arizona, the cost may only be $200.

So how can we offer the best prices for all American's alike?

When it comes to offering products nation wide, Find Your Bath strives to provide you with the most competitive prices. To accomplish this, live rate shipping is applied at checkout.

What is live rate shipping?

When you get to the checkout page and after you've inputted your shipping address, our system will calculate the shipping cost based on rates from our warehouse to your delivery address. 

Am I really getting the best price?

When the prices are generated, you'll notice there are several companies and different prices for each. The generated price(s) are based on real shipping companies and the prices are based on current market rates. This allows you to rest assure, you're getting the best price for shipping.

Think you found the price cheaper? We'll match any competitor price if you found it at a lesser price. Visit our Price Match Guarantee page for more details.