SunRay Sauna Health Benefits

Saunas Health Benefits

RelaxationΒ - SunRay Saunas provide a safe and effective way to improve your health by reducing stress, eliminating fatigue and removing harmful toxins from the body. SunRay Saunas use state of the art infrared heating technology to bring you smooth evenly dispersed heat that increases blood circulation in the body, which in turn helps improve relaxation, reduces stress and improve overall body function."

Pain ReliefΒ - SunRay Saunas FAR infrared waves penetrate the body using 5.6-15 micron far infrared rays that closely resemble the natural human spectrum which are easily absorbed by the body tissue and muscles providing enhanced stress relief and blood flow. This results in soothing relief for aches, pains & tension. Infrared waves safely penetrate the skin, providing a source of heat without causing any harmful effects to the skin."

Skin RejuvenationΒ - Your skin is your body's largest organ, so taking good care of it is important! Time spent in your SunRay Sauna will help Improve the look, feel and overall health of your skin. The perspiration that takes place in your sauna helps remove harmful toxins deep in your pores, while increased blood circulation brings fresh nutrients to the surface. This process of removing toxins from the skin helps relieve eczema, acne and other skin disorders.

Weight Loss – Spending as little as 30 minutes a day in your SunRay Sauna can burn hundreds of calories, making it a simple & effective weight loss tool. Calories are burned and released during the perspiration process. Fluid that is lost can be replaced by drinking water, but the calories burned will not be replaced.

Detoxification – Harmful toxins like sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, lead and mercury are absorbed into our bodies on a daily basis through diet and environment. This causes our bodies to run inefficiently and develop weakened immune systems. SunRay Saunas increase skin and body temperature, causing sweat and oils to be secreted from the body. At the same time, the harmful toxins that are dissolved in sweat and oils are secreted as well. By cleansing your body of toxins, you can help relieve a variety of symptoms and diseases, including:

β€’ Depression

β€’ Asthma

β€’ Anxiety

β€’ Stress

β€’ Allergies

β€’ Headaches


β€’ Heart Disease

β€’ High Cholesterol

β€’ Acne

β€’ Digestive Disorders

β€’ Muscle Pain

β€’ Joint Stiffness

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947 reviews

Please know your item and walk the customer on how to find locate tub. There is a secret compartment in the motor that contains the rest of the parts. You could have saved d this 2 weeks ago.

Follow up

Curb side delivery was a surprise - my home is located in a rural area and 'curb-side' is a very long way for the weight and size of the package. It took time to find someone to assemble once unpacked. All is good now - in place and being used.

Great sauna!!

Very simple to put together. It took me and my wife about an hour! Looks great! Gets really warm and the sound system is top notch! Very surprised on how great this sauna turned out!

You should buy it

EMF? I don’t know. Go live in fear somewhere else. It heats up and makes me sweat like I ran 3 miles in plastics. Excellent value.