Where can my ThermaSol Steam Generator be located?

Placing the Generator.
Select a location as near as practical to the steam shower.
Typical locations include: closet, vanity cabinet, climate controlled attic or basement.
Do not install generator inside steam room.
Do not install generator or plumbing lines in unheated attic or any locations where water could freeze.
Do not install generator outdoors or wherever environmental conditions may affect the safety and/or performance of the generator.
Generator may be installed up to 50 feet away from steam shower and must be in a dry, non-combustible, well ventilated space with 6" clearance around generator. When constructing the ceiling add slope of 1"/foot.  The control cable provided with the generator is 50 feet in length (item 03-6152-050).  Optional 100 (item 03-6152-010) and 20 feet cable (item 03-6152-020) are available for purchase.
The generator must be upright, accessible and on a level surface with all connections on top. Access panel must be unobstructed and allow for easy access.
Example of different generator locations: