Medical Saunas "Medical 4" Infrared Sauna (2-person)

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The "Medical 4" Infrared Sauna

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All of our Medical Saunas are backed by a 3-Year Full Coverage Warranty including 3 years of in-home service with parts. Click here for more details.

Features & Specs

Rapid Internal Heating System

An important feature that you should look for in a sauna is its heating capability. Most saunas, as shown on the left, only heat part of your body and can take nearly an hour just to heat up your sauna. This means you end up with less time actually spent inside the sauna, resulting in less healing and relaxation for you, not to mention increased energy bills, which means more money out of your pocket for less. That’s why we made the Medical Saunas™ with our Rapid Internal Heating System™. We are the first and only sauna to have it. The average sauna takes 90 minutes to 2 hours to pre-heat, but Medical Saunas™ can be fully heated in as little as 40 minutes. It outperforms the competitors and reaches the perfect temperature in a time that no other sauna can compete with. This powerful heating system allows you to be in your sauna immediately when you need it most.

The Detox Routine

While most saunas say they have can remove some toxins from your body, they miss some of the more dangerous ones to your health. Regular use of a Medical Sauna™ can remove bad toxins and impurities from your body. Many of these toxins are found in substances we use or are exposed to every day, such as BPA (found in many household plastic items), toxic heavy metals, phthalates (found in most fast foods), and nicotine. Medical Saunas™ are the industry leaders in removing toxins from your body. By following The Detox Routine™, regular use of a Medical Sauna™ will repeatedly enlarge the pores on your skin and flush out the harmful toxins inside your body, leaving you feeling energized and purified.

Hot/Cold Cleansing System

Most heating systems in other saunas are too slow to heat up, making the benefits of warm up and cool down rounds that are recommended by so many sauna users and experts nearly impossible to achieve. Hot/Cold therapy has many health benefits, such as relaxing muscles and improving flexibility. The Medical Sauna™ has been designed to capitalize on this therapy method with our extremely powerful and efficient heating technology. The Rapid Internal Heating System™ is the most effective system that can achieve hot/cold therapy and allow you to reap the benefits and start improving your health.

Insulated Airflow System

For too long, sauna users have experienced unwanted temperature fluctuations in poorly designed saunas, resulting in less healing and higher energy bills. The insulation of a sauna is just as important as the heating system because it allows the temperature inside to remain constant. We have developed a design that works with our heating system, and uses the temperature inside the sauna to keep your sauna at a constant temperature. This means you can keep your sauna at the right temperature with less effort, and receive the maximum health benefits from our Medical Sauna™.

3D Heat Therapy

Medical Sauna™ is the first and only sauna on the market to offer 3D Heat Therapy™. Heat therapy has many benefits for your body including improving sore muscles, increasing range of motion, decreasing muscle spasms, and reducing pain. The 3D Heat Therapy™ works by penetrating deep into the body's tissue and cells as temperature rises, which leads to therapeutic benefits all over your body. This improved version of heat therapy, found only in a Medical Sauna™, will rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

Safe Cool Down System

No other sauna on the market has engineered an airflow system that creates a safer and efficient cool down stage after using your sauna. An important health practice to follow when using a sauna is allowing your body to cool down gradually after a session. Medical Sauna™ has aided your cool down stage, as its design allows hot air to escape slowly from the sauna. This cools down your body at the recommended pace, and prevents possible health complications from changing temperatures too quickly. As a very vital process for a sauna owner, we felt it was necessary to design a cool down system in our saunas that will keep you safe.

Skin Rejuvenation/Cleansing System

Only Medical Sauna’s™ heating technology can cover every square inch of your body and leave your skin feeling soft, fresh, and new. This is because of the hemlock wood used in the Medical Sauna Series™ and our powerful heating system. These two features remove dead skin cells from your body, allowing your pores to open wider, which results in increased blood circulation near the surface of your body, healing your skin. After just one session in a Medical Saunas™ your skin will feel younger and refreshed. Medical Saunas™ are more than just relaxation tools because they were designed to help heal your body. Because of all the doctors that came together to help design and engineer the Medical Sauna™ and their 100+ years of combined experience, there are lots of medical benefits you can receive by using it daily. 


Medical Saunas™ are based purely on documented studies. While many of our competitors make baseless claims without any proof, or worse, pseudo-scientific proof, we only list the medical benefits that have been found in documented studies. This is important to us because you deserve to have as much valid information as possible before you make a decision about your health. Because Traditional Saunas™ are backed by documented research, you are ensured of the deeply positive impact regular heat therapy can have on your health. 

We are extremely careful which products we put our name on. Because we make sure every product we create works for you, we only create products with an overwhelming body of documented research behind them. Improving your health is our top priority.


Medical Saunas™ are designed, developed, and hand assembled in the USA, and we ship them directly from our Los Angeles factory. We work with medical doctors, cardiologists, and pain specialists who have the same desire we do—to deliver great health to all of our customers.

We accept nothing less than perfection so we are in control of the product from start to finish; we don't allow any middlemen to compromise our vision. You can purchase our saunas directly from us with confidence, knowing that you're getting an unmatched product.


What is the max heating temperature?

The max heating is 140 degrees F. This is true of all infrared saunas. There is no infrared that goes hotter. The benefit of infrared is, it doesn't get that hot. You can stay in them an hour at a time. Unlike steam saunas, where after 10 minutes you want to get out of the sauna. This sauna will help you sweat a lot. To learn more on this, read our article Infrared VS Traditional Saunas.

How long does it take to get the temperature up to 140 degrees?

After 30 minutes it will be about 132F then climbs rapidly from that point. Around 45 minutes, users indicated the unit reaches 140F. Lower temperatures will help encourage detoxification of your system, while higher temperatures will stimulate more sweating which can provide psychological benefits.

Can you put this sauna outside?

Unless the product description indicates it is intended for outdoor use, it is not encouraged to use it outside as the warranty would be voided. If you will be using it outside, view our outdoor sauna collection.

How many amps will the sauna heaters need when all are on?

Most people use a 15-amp breaker plugged into a dedicated regular household outlet. Important to have it on a 15-amp dedicated breaker.

Does this sauna operate on Phase 1 electric system?


Can you choose left vs. right opening door?


What is the emf reading on this unit?

The EMF rating is less than 1. It is 0.03. This is one of the safest saunas in existence. It is safer than a hair dryer which is 6 to 2000.



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