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Almost Heaven Watoga Outdoor Barrel Sauna Holds 2 Persons

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Wood: Rustic Fir
Door Style: Glass (standard)
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Watoga 2 Person Barrel Sauna

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Note: this is a made-to-order sauna that may come with customized features. Standard delivery time is between 4-8 weeks but may vary depending on model & features. 


The Watoga 2-Person Barrel Sauna is an easy-to-assemble DIY outdoor sauna. Crafted with top-tier materials such as clear cedar, the Watoga is the perfect sauna for your outdoor paradise. This model also comes with a clear glass door and a limited-lifetime warranty.


The Watoga is a barrel sauna, which has been Almost Heaven’s signature design for over 40 years. It is assembled using a ball-and-socket profile held in place by stainless steel bands and minimal fasteners. The significance of this configuration is that it maintains a reliable seal while allowing the lumber to expand and contract. The entire unit is mounted on polymer support cradles that loft the undercarriage of the sauna and keep it from coming in direct contact with any moisture on the ground.


The Watoga sauna comes partially assembled and features stainless steel hardware, thick tempered glass, and high-grade softwood with smooth edges. It is available in Clear Cedar. The Watoga also comes with a long cylindrical handle that is stainless steel on the outside and wooden on the inside. This sauna also includes a standard LED light bar to give your sauna a soft accented glow.


This barrel sauna comes with a 4.5kw stainless steel heater and stones. The sauna will heat to as much as 195F in under an hour. Sprinkle water on the hot sauna stones for a rejuvenating burst of steam. This can be repeated multiple times throughout the sauna session as a way to add humidity to you dry sauna. Make sure to take cooling breaks and to stay hydrated.


With the Watoga Barrel Sauna, you will get the authentic sauna experience that you are looking for. The sleek barrel design will upgrade any outdoor space, while creating a personal oasis for you, your family, and your friends. With ample room to accommodate up to two individuals, enjoy relaxation and rejuvenation right in your backyard. Let Almost Heaven Saunas help transform your home into a space for personal wellness with the Watoga 2 Person Barrel Sauna.

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Blake Yeo
Quality experience

I cannot recommend this company enough! I ordered the “Watoga” barrel sauna. Brian helped me out over the phone in deciding between cedar and fir (I went with rustic red cedar). He couldn’t have been more help. He kept me informed throughout the process and made my experience. one that I will never forget. Our sauna was delivered yesterday and I couldn’t believe the quality of craftsmanship and the attention to detail. We had it built in about 3 hours and then had our first session. Our lives are changed! My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase. This is a significant investment but worth every penny. Thank you

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