Choosing Your Steam Generators or Steam Kits

So you've decided you're ready to add a little steam to your life; or at least to your shower! These pages are dedicated in helping you find the right items so you can be steamin' sooner than later! 

Before we begin, you should know: 
  • All steam generators & kits are backed with a Price Match Guarantee! You won't find a better price... We Guarantee it!
  • We offer financing on your purchase! When you are on the checkout page, select the Klara option to see if you qualify to finance your purchase. 


STEP 1: Determine The Right Generator Size

The steam generator needs to be able to properly service the shower area. Let's make sure we get you the correct generator; click the button below to discover your steam generator →


Non-Steam Options
Other Shower Packages

Upgrade your shower experience by adding built-in ceiling speakers, lights, waterproof digital control system and more, but without the steam. Check out the Wellness Shower Package which includes:

  • Touch screen controls
  • Serenity lighting
  • Sound system & speakers
  • Rain head
  • Smart Digital Shower Valve 
  • And More!