Steam Shower: Custom Build Your Own or Choose A Packaged Kit



In order to have a fully functioning steam shower, there are a few different components which must come together. But the heart of these components is the steam generator. As you likely already know, without the generator, you have no steam. This is why we always like to start by first finding a steam generator that'll suit your capacity needs. After we've determined the generator, we can start putting together all the remaining pieces, accessories, and/or upgrades to match your style. 

While we definitely do not discourage you from creating and customizing your steam shower and the components which go with it, we want to let you know that we've taken the time to bundle items our customers most frequently purchase together to ensure you're getting the best experience. Also, when purchasing in a bundle, you'll be getting a cheaper price.

Whether you plan to fully-customize and add the components 1-by-1 or if you plan to use a packaged kit, let's briefly go over the bare-minimum operating components that are necessary for a functional steam shower.

Required Components 

  1. Steam Generator (see example below)
  2. Control Unit (see example below)
  3. Steam Head (see example below)



Steam Generator
Available in 2 different series & several different steam capacity options.
Control Unit
• Available in several different sizes & different functions / features.
Steam Head
Available in round or square shape & 15-different finishes like brass, chrome, etc.