ThermaSol Total Wellness HydroVive Package with ThermaTouch

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Control Size: 10-inch
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Note: for steam to be produced, you'll need a steam generator (sold separately). Please refer to the Pro Series steam generators.

Total Wellness Package with HydroVive

If you are looking for our best steam shower package with the best product bunded price, then you came to the right page!


What's Included?

  1. ThermaTouch Smart controller (in 7 or 10-inch display)
  2. Digital shower valve
  3. HydroVive Rainfall Showerhead
  4. SteamVector Steamhead


ThermaTouch Controls (included)
7 or 10-inch display

• Choose and download from a menu of 20 of the most popular Apps; shows, news, weather, video content, music and more
• Fully waterproof, ThermaTouch Plus can be installed anywhere: a shower, bathing area, patio, etc.
• Built-in Bluetooth®
• Ethernet connection
• WiFi-enabled capabilities ensure that users automatically receive any updates to the software right to the controller, in-home after purchase.
• Powered by AndroidTM
• Stereo audio output
• Alexa compatible 

• Date and Time display
• Set steam time and temperature
• Set and control preferences for two users
• Operates: steam, digital shower, light, sound and rain head.


HydroVive Rainfall Showerhead (included)

Taking a cue from the original Serenity Light, Sound and Rainhead, the engineers at ThermaSol have integrated the latest technology in a single, sleek, self-contained module for their next innovation: HydroVive Light, Sound, Rainhead.

In an industry first, HydroVive fuses full-spectrum LED lighting, enhanced audio technology for distortion-free sound, a dynamic new rainhead and other high-tech elements. The result is a true "ahead-of-its-time" showering experience that brings the multi-sensory powers of light, sound and water under the user's complete control. When paired with ThermaSol's Smart Shower Valve and ThermaTouch interface, the user can personalize every element of their shower.


HydroVive integrates the latest technology in a single, self-contained module to deliver the ultimate distortion-free audio experience.

  • HydroVive has four (4) state of the art speakers which deliver low distortion, natural response, and amazing high frequency capability.
  • HydroVive's Amplifier is 100 Watt RMS, built-in Digital Signal Processor
  • HydroVive's Audio is built-in Bluetooth v4.2


Digital Shower Valve (included)

• Industry-leading ceramic disc Flühs valves ensures reliability and safety
• Operates two industrial-grade stepper motors with 400 positions that take away the noise factor found with solenoid valve systems and provides precise temperature control. 

• May be installed up to 30ft away from the shower
• Three output valve - Example: Rainhead, Hand
Shower and Standard Showerhead
• Battery backup included
• Output 9.25 GPM at 45 PSI
• IAPMO Approved


SteamVector (included)

SteamVection Steamhead
Innovative design creates a convection-like effect, directing incoming steam to the bottom first to create consistent temperature levels throughout the entire shower.


Why Choose Us?

Generator Warranty: Lifetime - Factory Limited Warranty

Pro and SSA – an industry first. Only from ThermaSol. After the in-home warranty is up, send the unit to the factory and ThermaSol will repair the failure, including parts and labor.

SmartSteam™ (patented)
The most desired feature of any steam shower system! You won’t see this cutting-edge technology, but you will feel it! The ultimate in temperature control and energy conservation.

Specifically engineered to purge calcification build-up from
the inner tank. This unique system uses a combination of household water-line force (40 to 80 lbs.) and specially designed inner tank “speed slots” to increase the water velocity. This concentrated thrust of water pressure effectively sweeps the bottom of the tank, removing build-up.

Constant Steam at a Constant Rate (patented)
Only from ThermaSol. No irritating steam lags and bursts.

Water Conservation – The Green Side of Steam
ThermaSol steam shower units use only one gallon of water to power a 20-minute steam session.

With nine unique scenes to choose from, ThermaSol's Tranquility mode combines imagery and sound themes from nature to help create a totally immersive steam shower experience. Accessed and viewed on ThermaTouch and integrated with Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead.

No Upsizing
ThermaSol generators can be installed up to 50 feet away from the shower without upsizing

Simply Sized Only from ThermaSol
ThermaSol generators are easy to size:
LxWxH = Cubic Feet. No complicated formulas.
• Need help finding the right generator? Use our guide!

Infrared Sensing Technology
Reads temperature more accurately and much faster than standard contact temperature sensors. Available with the MicroTouch and ThermaTouch controls.

Digital Two Way CAN-bus Technology
Only from ThermaSol. The safest and most reliable communication technology in the industry.

FastStartTM Technology (patented)
Steam in seconds, not minutes. FastStart deactivates if the generator is not used in 7 days. FastStart reactivates upon use.

Split Tank Technology
Provides constant steam at a constant rate while ensuring trouble-free reliability. This highly efficient system delivers uninterrupted boiling by pre-heating water in the water reservoir and passing it to the boiling side only at the exact rate of steam production.




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